The Price of Keeping a Secret

I was intrigued by a recent article in The Atlantic entitled, "Why You Can't Keep a Secret." The author cited several current studies which show that people who are keeping something hidden or secret have suppressed immune systems, are less physically able, and give up more easily, among other things. There is a cost for keeping things to yourself, and sharing upsetting memories and experiences is often tremendously helpful.

As a psychodynamic psychotherapist, I understand the powerful negative impact that keeping things hidden from others, or even yourself, can have. Depression, disturbing dreams, anxiety, intrusive thoughts or behaviors, and even physical symptoms may be pointing to a part of you which has been held in darkness for too long, and which longs to come into the light of day.  

It can be terrifying to even think about sharing hidden, often shame-laden or traumatic memories! I understand this, and work with my clients to form a safe space imbued with gentle curiosity. 

As a therapist, I have had the pleasure of witnessing clients experience tremendous relief from such sharing, freeing them up to participate in, and enjoy, their lives and choices more fully.

Eileen BrownComment