Meditation for Anxiety

If you're struggling with feeling anxious, meditation is an easy and proven tool you can use to feel better today.

If anxious, you may find yourself in the throes of excessive worrying, sleep troubles, and panic attacks, which can lead to physical symptoms. You might feel a tightness in your chest when you breathe, sweaty palms, or an occasionally racing heart (Of course, please see your physician immediately if you have any physical discomfort, and to rule out any medical problems).

There are many ways to meditate, and it can be hard to know which form is right for you. I am sharing this link to UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center, which is a good place to start. If you click on the link, you will be taken to a page with eight different recordings of meditations you can use today to decrease your anxiety & re-connect with your body and breath. Try to notice without judgement how you, and your anxiety, feel before, during and after you meditate. What stands out?

Effective psychotherapy has also been proven to help reduce symptoms of anxiety. If you're interested in exploring starting psychotherapy, feel free to call me for a free phone consultation. (510)269-7029

Eileen BrownComment