Artemis: New Book Delves into Old Myths

I was excited to learn that Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen, a Bay Area Jungian Analyst, MD, author and activist has written a new book called, "Artemis: The Indomitable Spirit in Everywoman." In this new work from the author of "Goddesses in Everywoman," and "Gods in Everyman," the myth of Artemis is traced through Atalanta, a mortal woman who identified with Artemis,  was a runner and all-around gutsy gal. Atalanta "exemplifies the indomitable spirit in competent, courageous girls and in the women they become. This is grit, the passion and persistence to go the distance, to survive, and to succeed," says the Amazon review. I can't wait to sink into this great read! You can pre-order by clicking on the link above.

All of this talk of Atalanta reminds me of Free to Be You and Me, the feminist album created by Marlo Thomas in the 70's. "Atatlanta was a clever girl, as well as a swift runner," Marlo huskily explains. The story includes all of the cool projects Atalanta works on (astronomy, building, running), and delves into her strained relationship with her father, who expects her to bend to his will and expectations that she "do what people do" by getting married. Atalanta protests exclaiming "I intend to go out and see the world!" Be sure to check out the whole story here

It is encouraging to see the ways that the archetype, or essence, of Artemis lives on in many forms today, and I look forward to reading Shinoda Bolen's book. How can those of us who nurture girls' development help them to stay connected with their own internal Artemis now and throughout their lives?

Eileen BrownComment