Deadline to Apply for Obamacare is December 15

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I believe everyone deserves affordable, accessible medical coverage and care. While the rate of insured Californians has steadily risen from 83% to 93% since the implementation of Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act), approximately 3 million Californians still lack coverage. If you are one of those 3 million Californians, please click here to apply and learn more.

After you apply, you will be quoted different plans at different prices. You might qualify for MediCal (totally free coverage), or a government subsidy to cover part (or all) of your monthly premium. If you do not qualify for any government help, you will be presented with several different policy plans for different costs with different insurance companies.

I currently accept MediCal/Beacon in my private practice, which allows me to provide free, or extremely low-fee therapy to some folks. I also am happy to provide my clients with a super bill monthly, so that they can submit it to their insurer for partial reimbursement. If you have a PPO plan, you might be surprised by how much some companies reimburse (Please check with your insurer for the current and correct information - I’m not an expert on the topic).

Misfortune and ill health impact us all at some point in our lives – it’s part of being human! If you’re uninsured, I encourage you to take care of yourself and check out your options for insurance today.

Be well.