Does the Sunrise Really Listen?

Talking to myself again, my sentences ramble at great length, and I believe I have just started, to bore the only guy who’s listening.” - Paul Westerberg, The Sunrise Always Listens

Often, artists and musicians are those best able to put words to human suffering. The above quote from Paul Westerberg, and the whole song, really, is a good example of that. Psychology, with its "psychobabble" and insurance-company-approved language, often fails to capture the nuance, depth and complexity of the human condition. I am grateful, not only for artists like Paul, whose work puts words to inchoate internal states, but that my training and education included the study of art, literature and mythology, which return psychology to its rightful province.  

Do you relate to what Paul describes? Does your mind swirl with familiar thoughts or feelings about your current and past relationships, and/or your current circumstances? Does it sometimes feel like your past experiences have created a template within you, a consistent pattern through which you relate to your world? Do you ever tire of this? Is talking to the sunrise actually not enough (She may be a good listener, but I suspect she doesn’t "finish your sentences," or offer much insight)?

Sunrises, and the start of a new year, are auspicious times to start something new, something better for yourself and the world. Psychotherapy can be an extremely powerful tool, instigating lasting change and growth. The research on psychotherapy tells us that the most important factor in a successful therapeutic relationship is the “fit” between therapist and patient.

If you’re tired of waiting for the sunrise to listen, and want to share your inner world with someone who can offer insight into past hurts and offer new potential modes of relating to yourself and others, give me a call. Maybe we’ll be a good match. If we’re not, I will help to refer you to another colleague who might be.

Happy New Year.