The Arc of the Moral Universe

Since the election, many of my patients have been overwhelmed by worry and despair. Many are worried for their personal safety, or that of their friends and family who are people of color, women, muslim, LGBTQ, immigrants, etc. Many are afraid that our government will become increasingly unable to protect us from discrimination, pollution and exploitation.

As we sit together in the despair, I have thought of this quote, which has been attributed to MLK  (its origin is a bit more complex). This quote has provided perspective as we stand poised to experience a rollback of many rights, institutions and societal norms we have come to take for granted.

Some folks find comfort in the latter part of the quote, "it bends toward justice." However, I think it is imperative at times like this that we remember that "the arc of the moral universe is LONG (emphasis added)." Reflecting on the length of the arc is clarifying. On which side of that moral arc do you locate yourself? If you believe in justice and equality, perhaps a remedy for despair is to be found in gathering with your community to push on that arc?

Eileen BrownComment