Leadership & Friendship...In Nature & By Nature


Artemis Circle is a nature-based leadership and friendship group for girls ages 9-12 held in Marin.  The groups meet on weekends and after school. During every Artemis Circle, I nurture each girl's connection to her independence, physical strength, intuition and imagination through story telling, hikes, art and poetry, all in a safe space in which to share and make new friends.

Nature is our container and companion, as a strong connection to nature helps a girl contact her own inner power. As leaders with a connection to the natural world, Artemis Circle girls learn how to use their power for the betterment of their communities and the natural world.

I also offer an evening talk for parents, during which we explore the above topics in more depth and I offer suggestions to help you support your daughter during this transition.  Check out my blog, Raising Artemis, and my thoughts, questions and suggestions about raising a daughter today.  I also give talks, which are posted on my events page.

In the spirit of Artemis, Artemis Circle sets out to deepen each girl's connection to her unique and authentic Self, nature and peers, which she can then draw on in adolescence and throughout her life.  Together, we can nurture your daughter's connection to her root self!