Ours is an interesting age in which to grow up.  Kids today are faced with options and experiences which their parents were not.  In addition to family, school and social stressors,  computers, video games and social media complicate what it means to be a child today.  It can be tough!  Many parents also struggle with understanding the influences on their child, and knowing how to appropriately respond.  

Experts agree, kids and teens are experiencing rates of anxiety and depression as never before.  As a psychotherapist with over ten years of experience working with very young children through teens, I hope I can help.  I work with individual children (eight and up), teens and families, as well as teen and pre-teen girls in my group, Artemis Circle.  I also provide parent coaching to parents who are seeking suggestions and support for improving their relationship with their child, and their family's dynamics.

How Does Therapy for Kids Work?

In my work with children, I enter their world through play and conversation.  For teens or more mature kids, we may spend most of our time talking.  For others, we play games or use art as a way to build a trusting relationship and access what may be troubling them. 

I have worked with children who are experiencing anxiety, depression and social isolation.  I understand the complex interplay of school, family and social media which impacts many kids today.

If your child is struggling, or if you are struggling as a parent, I invite you to call me.  Let's talk together and see if I might be a good fit for your child and family.  

All we can do when we think of kids today is think of more hours of school, earlier age at the computer, and curfews. Who would want to grow up in that world?
— James Hillman