Therapy for Teen Girls and Young Women

Boticelli's Primavera

Boticelli's Primavera

-Are you a young woman struggling with overwhelming feelings of sadness, worry, or numbness?

-Have you been hurt by others?

-Do you feel alone, or that it is difficult to find trusting, safe relationships?

-Do you feel overwhelmed by the often crazy-making messages you receive from peers, your family and the media? 

-Do you struggle to explain how you feel?

-Do you feel misunderstood by, or confused by your emotional response to, your friends, family and others?

-Do you sometimes think about, or have you ever, hurt yourself in an attempt to relieve this pain? 

In therapy with me, we will create a safe space for you to reconnect with your deep knowing, to name and grieve your past hurts, and to be more free to live your life from a place of trust, wholeness, and self-compassion.