New Artemis Circle Salon Now Forming


What is a Salon?

Salons aren't only places to get your hair and nails done!  Salons are places where people gather to talk about books, art, important ideas and events happening in their communities and world.  Artemis Circle Salon is a place fore pre-adolescent girls to gather and share in a safe circle of peers, learn mindfulness, and participate in a fun and active artistic process rooted in stories selected from mythology.

Why Artemis Circle?

Teenage girls have more freedom and choices than at any other time in history, yet, experts agree, are more anxious and depressed in larger numbers than ever before. As a licensed psychotherapist and mother, I've spent some time trying to understand and change this phenomenon, and I'd like to share what I've learned with you. 

 Like the Greek Goddess Artemis, pre-adolescent girls are connected to their "root selves," which many lose connection with in adolescence.  In adolescence, many girls become overly concerned about their appearance, social status and performance in school, undermining their connection to their root self. According to The American Psychological Association, the dominant culture "sexualizes" girls and women, and media blast all of us with sexist depictions or omissions of girls and women. This is one factor which contributes to the loss of self in girls and women and makes it a complicated time in which to grow up.

Girls deserve a safe space to explore and develop.  Girls need us to protect them and encourage them to connect with and remain true to their "root self" now and throughout their lives.  I developed Artemis Circle with all of this in mind.

Group Now Forming!

Girls Ages 10-13

Leader: Eileen Cohune Brown, MA, LMFT

Four Thursdays from 6:00-8:00

San Rafael Location

Cost: $260

Leader: Eileen Cohune Brown, MA, LMFT
Call me with questions or to enroll your daughter.